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Friday Night Funkin Games

Friday Night Funkin is the most unique music game where you have to become a real hero of the stage to impress the father of your girlfriend and kiss her. In the process, you are going to face plenty of rivals that you will have to outperform on stage. Prepare to enjoy a great variety of amazing tunes and hip rhythms!

For centuries, men have been ready to perform all kind of feats to win the sympathy of their beloved. This time your feelings seem to be mutual. However, your girlfriend seems to have a very strict dad who isn’t going to put up with the first guy that looks her way. So you have to demonstrate your outstanding musical talent because he used to be a rock star and that’s a sure way to impress him. He only wants the best fellow for his daughter, so you will have to defeat all of your opponents!

Friday Night Funkin will strike you with a variety of characters. The main hero will try to beat them in a rap battle that will consist of three rounds. Each round comes with a different song, so you have to adapt to the changing rhythm. Just press the arrows in time and your score will be increasing. There are several weeks of the contest you have to pass. Besides the weekly song division, you can choose Free Mode to ignore any intros and videos and play your favorite songs directly.

The game that has gained such popularity is expanded by the authors regularly. New songs appear in it, which can be played on one of three difficulty levels – easy, medium and hard. The higher the difficulty level, the more arrows you have to press during the rap battle, the more complicated the combinations and patterns. But you can also earn more points. Play Friday Night Funkin online and enjoy this amazing game that has so many incredible tunes and a true love story behind all the action!

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