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Granny 3

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Do you like games where you have to escape rooms and houses? How about being chased by a mad killer in the process? If you’re not afraid of this challenge, welcome to Granny 3! This riveting horror game dares you to run away from the insane old woman who wants to catch and eat you. You have exactly five attempts to get out of her house otherwise you’re doomed!

Granny is armed with a heavy bate and good hearing. She quickly reacts to every noise, so you have to avoid walking too loud or dropping things. If that happened, hide immediately! Maybe Granny won’t guess to check under the bed where you’re trembling in fear. Beware of the traps she sets around the place. It will take you a while before you will free yourself from them and she might come to the clapping of the bear trap faster. Then she will hit you with her bate and you will wake up in the attic having to start over again. Luckily, your progress will be saved, so you will have a chance to learn from your mistakes. And Granny will learn from yours too! So it’s in your best interest not to get into her hands. Explore the building, find the key to the frond door and leave the house before Granny catches you for the last fifth time!

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