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Idle Streamer!

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Idle Streamer is a rather original casual game, with numerous elements of economic strategy and social network. It tells the story of a young man who decided to devote his career to modern business – organizing a stream on the Internet to comment on work in applications, and of course various games. To do this, an ambitious fellow will need comprehensive help from a user who will choose Internet operators, conclude contracts with servers, promote the stream line in all possible ways, distribute earned funds, and so on.

Start your challenging streaming journey and get everything you need for a startup. Decide on your favorite genre of games where you can reach great heights in the shortest possible time. Start describing everything you do in the game, comment on it and write it down with the help of special suggested programs, remembering to edit and process after that. Put it all on your stream, create ads and wait for the first subscribers to appear. Read comments and reviews about your work, get the first financial rewards.

To constantly evolve, you need to keep upgrading your equipment. Buy various computers, sign contracts with advertising companies, manufacturers of applications and games. Read who will offer more interesting terms, diversify your line of stream descriptions with all kinds of inclusions, embellishments and inserts. Develop your business, hire assistants and make your office thriving in web employment!

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