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Prepare to delve into a thrilling battle where you will be fighting hordes of monsters using units from your deck! Yes, your soldiers in Rush Royale are cards, and your task is to collect the most powerful deck possible. You are free to choose any of them for the upcoming combat. So, let’s begin?

The main antagonists are not so much the opposing players (there is a PVP mode in the game) as the monsters encroaching on you virgin gates. You only have 3 lives. Lives are not restored, if you lose all of them before the enemy, you lose the battle. If an ordinary green monster approaches the gate, one heart is removed. Two hearts are removed for mini-bosses (purple monsters).

Each game mode includes an unlimited number of rounds, with each round the endurance of the monsters increases. Every tenth wave in the co-op, the main boss appears, and every fifth wave a mini-boss shows up. Sometimes there are sent black bosses, for which 200 mana is given. What is mana and why is it needed? For mana, you can buy and upgrade heroes from the deck. With each purchase, the cost increases by 10 percent, but don’t be alarmed – every fifth round for killing monsters will give more mana.

Luckily, you have a great variety of units to choose from. They can be improved which increases critical damage. You may not give too much attention to it at first, but as you move up the arenas, it will become clear that this parameter is very important. You can mostly gain experience for upgrading your deck in co-op mode and only then go to PVP. Your deck can be comprised of engineer, sniper, hunter, vampire and other no less interesting characters. Note that all of them come with their own peculiarities and special skills. Enjoy the gameplay of Rush Royale and move up the leaderboards!

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